Aboubakar Fofana linen indigo-dyed shawl with red stitching detail
Aboubakar Fofana linen indigo-dyed shawl with red stitching
Aboubakar Fofana linen indigo-dyed shawl with red stitching detail

Indigo linen scarf with red-stitch detail

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This lightweight scarf is made from fine Belgian linen, dyed in deepest indigo and stitched with red cotton.  

The inspiration for this scarf is deeply symbolic and comes from the notion of fertility.  During their menstrual period, women in Mali used to wear wrappers or skirts dyed in the deepest shades the indigo vat could produce.  The deep indigo absorbed any accidental blood, and these wrappers were called by a name which translates as 'To protect from shame'.

Indigo and blood are both linked to fertility in Malian belief.  After the flow of menses, a woman becomes fertile again, and her blood loss is taken as a sign of this future fertility.  If a couple was having trouble conceiving, the woman was encouraged to wear indigo as much as possible.  A child when it was born was wrapped into indigo-dyed swaddling-blankets to help open the mind, which is another form of fertility. Although pregnancy and childbirth was traditionally the domain of women, fertility in all its forms was celebrated and sought-after by the whole society.  This could be artistic or spiritual fertility and conception as well as childbearing.  

This scarf is made from finest-quality organic Belgian linen. Both the textile and the deep indigo dye will become more beautiful with wear. It measures approximately 50cm wide by 240cm long.   It should be gently handwashed and air-dried.  Your order will come with washing instructions.