Aboubakar teaches workshops as often as he can. With more than thirty years of experience as a natural dyer earning his living through his craft, Aboubakar's aim is to share his passion and knowledge of this craft and materials, and enable others to come away with a working knowledge for professional results.

His workshops are immersive and intensive, and are conducted using vats or quantities of dyestuff consistent with a working dyer's practice. In addition to covering preparation of dyestuffs and dyeing procedure, these workshops examine the choice and preparation of textiles for dyeing, work-flows for efficient dyeing, cleaning and maintaining equipment and post-treatment of dyed fabric or yarn for the strongest, most colourfast results. These workshops are aimed at all levels, from complete beginner to skilled practicing dyer and everyone in between.

Aboubakar does not have any upcoming workshops at present, but please check back here, follow his Instagram account, or sign up for the newsletter via the contact page

Aboubakar Fofana Indigo Workshops